Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scentsy Update

So are you wanting a free warmer?!  Well, all you have to do is host a Scentsy party and you can get one!  Scentsy has three types of parties you should know about!

1.  Basket Party-this is like a catalog party.  I give you a basket of all the sample scents, a couple of catalogs, and order forms.  You take the basket to your office, break room, cubicle, where ever your little heart desires.  You keep the basket for a week and at the end of the week you turn in all your money and orders.  You still get all the same hostess rewards as a Home Party but without all the hassle of invitations, cleaning house, etc.

2.  Home Party-this is a party that I come to and explain Scentsy products to all your friends one night or day.  They will get to touch and smell everything Scentsy has to offer, make their orders and pay that night.  Once I enter all the orders in the Scentsy system I will call you and let you know what rewards you earned.

3.  Open House Party-this party is great if you have a new house to show off or any holiday you want to celebrate.  I come to your house with all the Scentsy gear and display it.  You invite all your friends and family for a drop in event and they can see and smell everything without having to listen to me explain it all.  Some ideas I've had for Open Houses are:  Tailgate Open House (come before the game and order your stuff and you serve some tail gate food), Fall Open House (have your house decorated for fall and we can showcase the fall products Scentsy has to offer), and of course Holiday Open House (all Christmas products will be showcased and all your favorite holiday food will be served).  Just like all Scentsy parties you are still eligible for all the hostess rewards.

Lastly, if you want to buy Scentsy but don't want the pressure of hosting a party you can go to my website and order.  Currently, I'm hosting a fundraiser for SHIP International.  If you wish to support SHIP you can follow this link and order directly from the website.  If you are local you can send me an e-mail letting me know what you want to order and you won't have to pay for shipping!  I'm closing this fundraiser Friday, August 20 so if you want to order don't wait! 

If you want to host a Scentsy party or have a Scentsy fundraiser shoot me an e-mail and we can work out the details! 

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