Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Year!!!

Today is Eli's official birthday!  One year ago at 3:20 a.m. our lives changed forever.  And now we're in full swing of more change with #2 coming!  So here's the scoop on Eli:

Clothes:  12-18 mos
Shoes: 4/5
Diapers:  4
Food:  Everything and anything!  He now likes bananas so he really does like everything now.  He loves macaroni and cheese too!
Milestones:  He is not walking but he pulls up on everything and walks along it and speed crawls everywhere!  He gets everywhere he needs to go!  When he gets excited he bangs his hands on whatever is close.  He says, "dada" ALL THE TIME and growls.  I think he growls because Parson growls at him so much he thinks it's what you are supposed to do.  He can't read yet but he loves to eat books, if that means anything.

I think that's pretty much everything on Eli.

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