Monday, April 4, 2011

First Day Trip in NWA: Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari

We took our first day trip in northwest Arkansas.  I had heard about this drive thru safari place in Gentry but had never been there.  Now, the moms I talked to said their kids really liked it but the nannies I talked to said it was "ghetto."  Whatever that means when referring to a zoo atmosphere.

Anyways, my parents came up and went with us.  It took about 45 minutes to get there from our house.  We did the petting zoo first so Eli could get out of his car seat and walk around.
He had some bread to give the animals but he really wasn't too sure about sharing it.

Eli loves to pick up rocks.  Of course he found a rock at the zoo!

He also loves sand, gravel, and dirt! 
When we put him in the turtle pen he sat right down and played in the sand. 
He could care less about the giant turtles behind him.

Now this peacock perked him right up! 
It was just roaming around the park and Eli decided to chase it.

Until it jumped on the fence to get away from him.
Exploring this part of the park took about an hour.  Once we finished this we purchased some over priced drinks at the concession stand then hopped in the car for the drive thru safari.  My dad was a little paranoid about animals sticking their heads in the car so every time an animal got it's head close to the car he rolled all the windows up.  I think he's seen too many YouTube videos about animals going crazy in your car.  It was pretty funny to watch some of these animals just walk right up to your car and look in the window!

This fella just stood there because my dad wouldn't roll the window down for him. 

I think Eli and this zebra were having a staring contest.
Overall, I'd say it was a success.  The cost was 10.00 per person and Eli was free because he was under 2.  I do think now is the best time to go because I'm guessing tons of animals pooping in Arkansas heat could be quite disgusting come summer time.  We got there around 1:30 and left around 3:30.  When we left there was a very long line of cars to get in.

When you go take your own bread and your own drinks. 

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